Spiritual Gifts

Here are the steps you can take to discover your Spiritual Gifts and how you can use them at GCC:

1. Listen to the 4-part sermon series "Mission Impossible.  There is a link to it HERE.

2. Contact the Administrator HERE to get access to an online Spiritual Gifts Assessment tool.

3. Do the Spiritual Gifts Assessment and note your top one or two gifts.

4. Using the list below, find the relevant group(s) for your top one or two spiritual gifts


5. Learn about your passions.  Listen to the 3rd sermon in the series and figure out your passion.  Determine which of the following passions best describes you:
    Worship; Spiritual Growth; Reaching Out; Life Together; Making it Happen 
6. Find your "Sweet Spot". Use the table below to find the box that best describes you.  The Spiritual Gift groups are along the top and the passions are listed down the left hand side.  Find the box where your Spiritual Gift Group and Passion intersect.  There are also some special categories at the bottom which might describe you.

7. Note you sweet spot and click HERE to find it on the next page.  You will then be taken to a document which lists all the opportunities relevant to your gifts and passions